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An app that leverages iOS's dynamic island feature to provide real-time polling interactions. Users can participate in polls, view results, and get updates directly from the dynamic island, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience without leaving their current app.


LivePoll is an innovative polling app that utilizes iOS's dynamic island feature to provide a seamless and engaging real-time polling experience. By integrating directly into the user interface, LivePoll allows users to participate in polls, view results, and receive updates without leaving their current app, ensuring minimal disruption and enhanced user engagement.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Island Integration: LivePoll takes full advantage of the dynamic island feature on iOS, enabling real-time notifications and interactions directly on the home screen. Users can respond to polls and see live updates instantly.

  • Live Activity: The app supports live activities, allowing users to stay updated with ongoing polls and results in real time. This feature ensures that users are always connected and informed, enhancing the interactivity of the polling experience.

  • User Engagement: By offering a seamless way to participate in polls, LivePoll keeps users engaged without requiring them to switch apps. This integration promotes higher participation rates and a more immersive experience.

Why SwiftUI:

I started learning SwiftUI to deliver similar advanced features for the Suraasa app, where I work. SwiftUI's modern declarative syntax and powerful UI design capabilities make it an ideal choice for creating dynamic and interactive user experiences, such as those provided by LivePoll.

For more details and to explore the LivePoll app, visit the GitHub repository.

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